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The Quickest and Best Ways to Contact Cantor Sherman

The quickest and best way to reach me is by email. The email address is:

Please include your cell phone number in all emails and messages.

Other (Slower) Ways to Contact Cantor Sherman

If you need information or have a general question that is not urgent, you may visit my web site at, email me or call (212) 595-0132 for a very informative message which should answer many of the questions you have. If you are inquiring about my fees or availability, please email me and don't forget to include your phone number and due date in the email.

Finally... my cell phone

Please do not call, text or SMS my cell phone unless you have been instructed to do so. Email is the quickest and best way to reach me. This way, all bris messages will go to one place only. Thank you.

Thank you and Mazel Tov!

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