Cancellation Policy:

Once an event is confirmed by phone or email, my Cancellation Policy goes into effect immediately.

By confirming an event with me, you are committing to have the Bris (or Circumcision or Naming) performed by me on the specific date and time you will have chosen and you agree to pay the Cancellation Fee.

If an event is confirmed by phone or email and then subsequently cancelled (not postponed or rescheduled), there is a $450.00 cancellation fee. The person who confirmed the event is the one responsible.

Some examples: If you email me an hour later or a few days later to let me know that someone else made arrangements with another Mohel; if you change your mind and decide not to have the event; if you change the time or location and I am not able to be there at the new time or location, if your rabbi advises you to use a different mohel, etc.

If you cancel within 24 hours of an event, the Cancellation Fee is $900.00.