Press Clippings:

Is It Safe to Perform a Bris During the Coronavirus Crisis?
The Jewish Week (4/22/20)

Big City, Small (Jewish) World
Jewish Observer (March 2020)

"...Appreciating women should not require devaluing men; and neither gender has exclusive access to the qualities of compassion and caring."
A response to the New York Times article (3/1/20)

Cantor Sherman interviewed
Video by The Guardian (1/23/20)

City's $2K circumcision fine 'is like nothing' for mohels
New York Post (3/30/17)

Ritual and Reaffirmation the World Over
New York Press (1/4/17)

Why Non-Jews Are Choosing Jewish Circumcision Ceremonies
The Atlantic (6/23/15)

Controversial Circumcision Ritual Among Ultra-Orthodox Jews Is 'Unacceptable,'
Village Voice (3/5/15)

America's Top Mohels
Jewish Telegraphic Agency (5/1/14)

Cantor Sherman interviewed by CBS on new NYC rules surrounding the metzitzah b'peh (9/13/12)

Weighing Pain of Circumcision for Baby (9/10/12)

Bringing Decades of Experience to the Bris
New York Times (2/1/12)

Cantor Sherman officiates at 'Bris Milah' of Newly Born Son of Manhattan Borough President Scott (Shmuel) Stringer
Vos Iz Neias (12/16/11)

Circumcision Under The Knife
Jewish Week (8/24/10)

New York on the Clock: Phil Sherman, Mohel.
PBS Thirteen (12/7/09)

He's the Busiest Mohel in New York
New York (10/26/09)

Mohel on the Move
The Jerusalem Post (9/11/08)

Acting the Part
The Jewish Week (3/12/04)

New York's Busiest Mohel Tells All
The New Yorker (9/6/99)

Only in New York by Cindy Adams,
New York Post (7/24/97)

Beeper-Friendly Mohel to the Stars
The New York Observer (3/14/94)

Philip Sherman, A Mohel for Modern Times
Manhattan Inc. (March 1990)