Letters from Parents:

Cantor Shermn and the Rosens

Cantor Sherman meeting with the parents before the ceremony

Cantor Sherman-

Just a quick email to let you know that Jacob is doing quite well... he was VERY cranky on Thanksgiving, but he is healing well. The skin is nice and smooth and he is a happy baby now.

Thank you so much and my grandfather and all of his dr. friends who were there at the bris can't stop raving over how wonderful you were!

Much thanks,


Melissa and Scott and Jacob too!

Dear Cantor Sherman,

Thank you again for performing such a beautiful ceremony for our son! It was a nutty day with that torrential downpour! He is healing beautifully...just a bit of granulation and the pediatrician is thrilled with the results! His bilirubin is way down too, so we're feeling extremely blessed! Thank you again for everything.


Marcie, Kurt and Lucas

Dear Cantor Sherman,

My wife Corin and I would like to thank you for performing our son's bris. He is fine, no swelling or excessive bleeding etc. The service you performed was wonderful in every aspect, if you would like to use us as a reference we would be honored.

In conclusion, I would like to add that my brother in law (The Rabbi) was very impressed with the entire service. He will recommend you to members of his congregation.

Thank you once again

Craig, Corin, Amanda and Jacob

Cantor Sherman -

While it has taken me MONTHS (the Bris was on March 18th) to get this e-mail to you, I wanted to thank you again for a warm and wonderful Bris.

While many may be shocked to hear it, I very much enjoyed Maxwell's Bris. There was so much love in the room and you set the tone for a lovely and special ceremony. I have attached a picture of our happy little man. He is doing great!

Best wishes and we hope you are having a lovely summer,

Felicia, Matthew, Sydney & Maxwell


I wanted to thank you for performing the Brith Milah for my grandson yesterday. You did a terrific job, it was a wonderful ceremony. I want to particularly thank you for being sensitive to the background of our in-laws. My son's father in law was very touched by the ceremony and expressed to me how pleased he was to be part of such a meaningful tradition. Here is a picture of the two of you:

Not even a samurai could have done better! Once again, many thanks


Jerry F.

Cantor Sherman,

My wife and I (as well as Max) would like to thank you for your services for our son's bris. You were punctual, efficient and performed perfectly. Everything truly went smoothly.

Ron and Amy

Cantor Sherman,

Elie Akiva is doing well: his pediatrician said his circumcision was "perfect."

Moreover, the service was experienced by most people as "beautiful...spiritual...I have been to a lot of brisses but this was the best, most spiritual one I have been to...etc."

The "melody" that you played set the tone and the tune that provided a "vessel" for people to "travel" on....

Todah Rabah

Ernest & Karen

Dear Cantor Sherman,

Your website was very helpful to us in researching the issues of Bris.I wanted to drop you a note and say thank you.

The issue of a Bris can be a sensitive one and as we have found, full of misunder-standings and misinformation. Your website has helped a lot. It informed us more than many of the doctors and Rabbis we have spoken to put together. By informing and educating us you fulfilled a great Mitzvah in my book and possibly with the log kept up above.

Warm regards,


...and from the parents of twin girls for whom I performed Naming Ceremonies:


I would just like to thank you for the beautiful ceremony. We enjoyed every moment as well as all of our guests. Most of my guests have never been to a Simchat Bat and learned something new yesterday.

Again thank you so much for helping us welcome our two beautiful girls into the Jewish community. I only hope they grow up to be wonderful, caring and loving individuals.

Take care and be well,

Leila, Jason, Gabriella and Sophia