New York magazine
October 26, 2009

"He's the Busiest Mohel in New York"

Cantor Sherman photographed with 23 babies for whom he has performed a bris

(excerpt) This week, New York examines an emotionally, if not physically, weighty issue: whether or not to circumcise baby boys. Our writers looked at the growing anti-circumcision movement, explained exactly what goes into the process, why people are still getting it done, and even culled sexual feedback from both sides of the equation. But perhaps our favorite part was the feature in which we photographed a very popular New York mohel, Cantor Philip Sherman, with 30-odd babies with whom he'd performed a bris over the past year.

"He's the busiest mohel in New York," explained New York associate photo editor Caroline Smith. "How could we illustrate that in a way that wasn't, you know, boring?" The answer? A whole lot of cuteness. And crying. But mostly cuteness.