Important Notice – June 8th 2023

Dear Friends,

After more than 45 years as a mohel, I have decided to take a six month Sabbatical beginning June 15, 2023. It will afford me the opportunity for me to learn, teach, write and spend time with my family and my adorable grandchildren.

If your baby has been born or you’re contacting me for information about an upcoming Bris or Baby Naming ceremony, please contact any of my colleagues listed below. They are all excellent mohels who maintain and follow the same high professional and religious standards that I do.

Cantor Mark Kushner (267) 577-2747

Rabbi Eliahu Zimmerman (718) 331-5557

Rabbi Zachary Hepner (212) 316-4784

Rabbi Zev Zions (732) 995-5546

Cantor Menachem Toren (973) 980-7777

Israel and International Brisses:
Rabbi Hayim Leiter +972547352408

They may have geographic or religious restrictions, so please clarify all of this information with them before confirming or scheduling your event. Also, fees may vary based on the location or type of event. Once an event has been confirmed, please make sure you secure that event with a deposit to avoid any confusion or cancellations. Any cancellations will result in the loss of deposit or payment.

If you have been given recommendations for other mohels, I strongly urge you to make arrangements with a certified rabbi or cantor mohel only and on the correct or proper day. This will ensure that your son’s Bris will be scheduled, performed and recognized among all the movements of Judaism and in Israel.

If the mother of the baby or maternal grandmother of the baby are not Jewish or were converted to Judaism, please inform the mohel. Please let them know if it was a Reform, Conservative or Orthodox conversion. That will be helpful.

Also, make sure only one person is making arrangements with only one mohel.

Do not use a doctor-mohel. They are not properly trained nor religiously observant which could ultimately call into question the religious/halachic validity of the Bris. This could have significant Jewish ramifications in the future for your son.

Do not use an ultra-religious mohel. They may not sterilize their instruments properly, may not wear gloves or they perform metzitzah b'peh which is the unacceptable practice of drawing the blood out of the wound with direct oral contact.

Going forward, if you contact me (by email only), I will get back to you as soon as I can. Kindly do not ask me to make exceptions to perform a Bris or which specific mohels from my list that I recommend. Choosing a mohel is a very important and personal decision.

May your children bring you your family and all Israel great joy! Mazel Tov in advance and all the best.

Cantor Philip L. Sherman
Expert Mohel
מוהל מומחה

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